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Charles Ollivon

One of the most striking aspects of Charles Ollivon's career is his exceptional charisma. On and off the field, he exudes an aura of confidence and composure that draws people to him. His ability to remain cool under pressure, his infectious enthusiasm, and his friendly demeanor make him a natural leader. These qualities became evident as he took on the role of captain for Toulon and the National Team, leading his fellow players with a blend of passion and wisdom. King Charles holds the record for the most tries scored by a forward player in the history of the French Rugby Team. More to come…

Awards & Trophies

European Challenge winner 2023

European Challenge finalist

Big Charles

Captain of both RC Toulon and the French XV, Charles Ollivon is a man of duty who will not hide from his responsibilities. Born a leader, the 3rd row knew how to make himself indispensable with his teammates and his coaches on the field as well as outside.

With so much talent to burn, one finds it difficult to spot any of his flaws. And that is good news, as France will need all his qualities to hope win the 2023 World Cup at home.

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