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Blaise Matuidi

Former midfielder for the French team

Awards & Trophies

1x World Champion

5x French Champion

3x Italian Champion

4x League Cup Winner 

3x French Cup Winner

1x Italian Cup Winner

1x Italian Supercup Winner

5x Champions Trophy Winner

Warrior Matuidi

Known as the « Charo » (the scarvenger) or the man with 3 lungs, Blaise is a natural born fighter and a winning machine with one of the most impressive track record in the history of French Football. He played the Euro 2016 Final, two World Cups and a key role in France 2018 World Cup victory.

His legacy goes beyond football as he is a true legend of the French Pop Culture with a rap song and celebration in his honour, a move that has reached tens of millions views and downloads. ‘Blaisou’ is one France’s favorite public figures, everyone loves him.

Blaise Matuidi - La tête dans les étoiles