A new services ecosystem for
Brands and Athletes.

Abbreviation for brothers bro1|brew|
1. a family member
2. a close associate bro2|bru:|

We believe in friendship and in people. We work with
experts we like, who share our values and passion to
serve fast, creative and efficient processes.

Our network of excellence made of Bros. enables us to
build the best team upon client requests, setting up
killer squads adapted to briefs, budgets, timelines.

Always flexible across 360 marketing pillars.
We call it the ocean 12 way.

Some of our Bros. Associates are legends of sports,
they feed us with their taste for excellence and

Brand Service.
We serve premium Brands.

Strategy | Brand Plans
Brand Campaigns | Creative Kitchen

Working with a pool of the most talented parisian Bros, building tailor made teams of experts for each project.


Athletes Services.
We partner
with athletes, we serve them
and tell their stories.

Content Production | Communication Strategy
Brand Partnerships | Athletes Representation

We unleash their voice, invent new
formats, bring their vision to life
for their career or storytelling.


Straight From The Athletes.

It’s our Athletes channels,
we host our friends,
without filter to get to know
them better in an intimate
and authentic way.

Content Production | Athletes Stories



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Production & Media Partnership :
Brand & Digital Production Management :
PR :
Others :
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